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How do you cast off when you are knitting?

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments · Knitting How To Cast On

When your done knitting how do you cast off

You knit the first 2 stitches, and then lift the first one worked up and over the second one and off the needle. Then knit another stitch, lift the last one over this one and off. Continue this across the work until you have one stitch left on the right needle. Cut a tail long enough to weave into the back and pull the stitch up until the end pops through and tighten. The work will not ravel from here.

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Where is the best place to buy knitting yarn on the internet?

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments · Knitting Yarn

There are many places to buy yarn online. Here are a few where you can find high quality yarn at discount prices.

In addition, you can find some bargains on eBay, but make sure you ask questions so you know exactly what you’re bidding on.

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Is it possible to knit a baby blanket in 13 days

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments · How To Knit

I need a pattern for a quick and easy baby blanket….

I have 13 days to knit it and I have only knitted scarves before! To top it all off  I only know the simple knitting stitch.

If any one can help that would be wonderful…..thank you so much!

Yes, just do garter stitch in a baby yarn. The baby yarn comes in self stripping so you don’t even have to change color if you want to. Most skein’s of baby yarn have a pattern or even the size of what a baby blanket is. To do it in 13 days you might want to subtract a inch or two from the total size, but it really doesn’t matter what size the blanket is. If it is a girl she will eventually use it for her dolls.

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What is a good size knitting needle to knit a thick scarf? ~10 Pontis~?

April 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · How To Knit A Scarf

Hello :)…
I am wanting to knit a scarf & what is the best size needle for a nice thick winter scarf? And what is come good yarn as well? And what is a good size knitting needle to knit just like a real thin scarf? And what kind of yarn? Thank you for You help!!!

********** 10 PONITS TO BEST ANSWER **********

The way you choose the right needle for any project is to use a needle that goes with the size of yarn you are using. The first is the yarn, then the needle that works with that yarn.

One good way is to hold the yarn double, and pick a needle that is that thick. The yarn doubled will be the size of the needle. This is a general rule for sweaters, but for scarves, you can use a slightly large needle (for a looser fabric). For socks, you would use a smaller needle (for a firmer fabric).

Of course, we all have slightly different tensions, so you won’t know until you make your swatch. You need to make about a 10 cm (4 inch) square to know how many stitches and how many rows you get per 10 cm (or over an inch). For a scarf, it’s not critical — it doesn’t have to be an exact size. For a sweater, this is most important.

You can use any yarn you like, but please avoid acrylics if at all possible. They just feel so awful, don’t last long, never are warm, and are so bad for the environment. Natural materials, wool or any other animal fibre, are always the best. Plant fibre is good too, but usually does not hold in the heat.

As for a thick bulky scarf, you may find that a finer yarn and knit double thickness makes for a nicer scarf. You can use a huge thick bulky yarn, but I find they are too much fabric for what they provide. Knit a tube, or knit it double wide, and fold it to make it double thick. Wear the scarf wrapped around a couple times for extra protection.

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What would be a good storage device for yarn and knitting supplies?

April 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · Knitting Yarn

I like to knit but in the summer I’m too busy so whats a good way to store all of my knitting stuff thats bug proof and not too bulky? I don’t have much space so I’m not sure where I can put it so any creative solutions would be appreciated.

I use those underbed plastic storage bins and put some cedar balls in them. No bugs.

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How do you turn your work after the first row of knit stiches?

April 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · How To Knit

I have finally after long last started to try to learn how to knit.

I got the cast on down and the first row of knit stitches (english) but It’ll be flamingo droppings if I can figure out how to turn the work to continue to the second row. Any references on web sites or even a clear explanation would be greatly appreciated.

I have been trying at it for about four hours now, I am very determined but still can’t figure it out.

You don’t turn the stitches around. After you knit the first row, take the needle that you moved the stitches on to, and put it in the opposite hand, and then you’ll knit off of it. That’s the rule, after you finish a row, switch the needles to the opposite hand, and start over. It doesn’t make sense to think about it, but once you do it, everything will fall into place! Good luck!

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I’m knitting an iPod cozy. The pattern says to cast on nine stiches. How many do I need for a iPod classic?

April 3rd, 2010 · No Comments · Knitting How To Cast On

The pattern above was made for an iPod mini, but I have an iPod Classic (the 80GB one). Would I need about 15 or so?

The answer is algebra: The ratio of (width of iPod classic) / (width of iPod) is the same as the ratio of (? stitches) / (9 stitches), so ? = (width of iPod classic) / (width of iPod) x 9.

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If anyone knows how to knit, do you know how to end a tube scarf?

April 1st, 2010 · No Comments · How To Knit A Scarf

I have this thing, i honestly don’t know what its called, but its a round knitting thing. It has pegs sticking up from a plastic circle, and you can knit hats and scarves, all kinds of things. But what i can’t figure out is how to end my scarf without it unraveling…

This site has tips on how to use knitting looms. To end your work, follow the instructions in the section titled, "THE END".

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Knitting question! I am making a baby blanket and I was wondering what is the average amount to cast on. I am?

April 1st, 2010 · No Comments · Knitting How To Cast On

following a pattern from a book. I know the fan stitch and thougth it would make a cute baby blanket for my cousin who is expecting. I’m using size 8 needles. Thanks.
I’m sorry I don’t think I made myself clear, I mean that I am following the fan stitch from a book but I need to know how many I should cast on to make it the right length. Thanks

I have a pattern for this on my site but it uses size 11 needles.

But the stitch count for babies is 110

I love using the size 11s because it makes it nice and lacy.

But I also have another version on that page that uses size 8’s and she suggests casting on 120 sts. Hope this helps.


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How do I add another color yarn when knitting?

April 1st, 2010 · No Comments · Knitting Yarn

I got a pattern to make a stripped kitten. Easy pattern, but I am still new at alternating yarn colors. Any suggestions on how I alternate different color yarns? I cant seem to figure it out.

here is the link explaining you how to knit stripes
see the examples in video links below and i m sure you will understand how to do it

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