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How to knit without getting tired?

April 11th, 2010 · No Comments · How To Knit

I know how to knit, but I think I’m positioning my hands/arm wrong because after a while my right arm toward the elbow gets tired. I see people knitting so fast for such a long period of time and I get tired in about 15minutes.

Any tips on positions, how to knit faster, and exercises to get me pumped again?

Find a copy of "Knitting Around the World", published by Taunton Press in 1993. It’s reprints from THREADS magazine. There are lots and lots of different ways of holding the needles and thread or yarn.

The people who can knit quickly for hours have found or learned methods that work for them. There isn’t one method that works for everyone. 🙂 Many vary from one method to another according to the application or mood of the moment.

My three speedy favorites are:
1) carrying the yarn "left" and scooping with the right needle rather than wrapping
2) using longer needles and tucking the left one in my armpit to leave both hands free for wrapping and knitting (not dropping the right needle to wrap with the right hand)
3) knitting in the round with purl side "out" and the yarn tensioned on the back of my neck (similar to the method in the movie MIXED NUTS), another scoop rather than wrap method.

There’s *nothing* wrong with getting up and stretching every 15 minutes, or taking a break to do some sort of terribly boring but minimal chore and using the return to knitting as a "reward". 🙂


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