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V-Stitch Crochet Scarf

February 16th, 2010 · 25 Comments · How To Knit A Scarf

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Granny Squares – Motifs – Applique

Duration : 0:9:12

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25 responses so far ↓

  • 1 taherera // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your detailed instruction! I just got the single stitch down, but you’ve given me something to look forward to!

  • 2 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    You are welcome. …
    You are welcome. Thank you for the comment.

  • 3 tamana85 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Thanks honey for ur …
    Thanks honey for ur videos loves ’em all me making this scarf now it’s the easiest way to make a beautiful scarf love ya ^__^

  • 4 MIZZwOAH // Feb 16, 2010 at


  • 5 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    This would make me …
    This would make me think that you may be missing some stitches on the edge so you could have dropped a stitch. Count to see if you have the same amount of stitches that you started with. It is possible that you are making your stitches tighter, which would make your scarf shape change.

  • 6 MIZZwOAH // Feb 16, 2010 at

    well i attempted to …
    well i attempted to make a scarf but the width keeps on getting smaller. help please. =) thanks

  • 7 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    You will count from …
    You will count from the bottom of the chain up and that will be your third chain. You insert the hook through the center of the chain.

  • 8 salfamily3 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    I have a hard time …
    I have a hard time figuring out where the “top of the 3rd chain stitch” is at the end of each row. And once I find it, how do I insert the hook into it? It’s hard to see that part in the video.

  • 9 natasjja99 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    I started making …
    I started making this scarf and stopped I according to the pattern I thought I had to make v stich and chain 1 but I guess I just continue making vstich in vstitch until desired length

  • 10 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Your scarf sounds …
    Your scarf sounds really pretty. Thank you for the comment.

  • 11 Fiara // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Hi Teresa, I’ve …
    Hi Teresa, I’ve just finished making one of these and I love it : ) I made mine narrower and I added petals all around it, which I learned from one of your flower tutorials.
    Thanks a lot for posting all of these helpful videos!

  • 12 11vetttro // Feb 16, 2010 at

    how i knitt v …
    how i knitt v stitch can you teach thanks

  • 13 lezpretend // Feb 16, 2010 at

    aaauugghhh i got …
    aaauugghhh i got the puff stitch with lots of practice just like you said and now the V stitch hates me!!! i know i know – practice! 🙂 thanks teresa!!

  • 14 jmmcdonald6 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Teresa, do you …
    Teresa, do you think you could do a video tutorial for a hooded scarf one of these days, please and thank you?

  • 15 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    It could mean that …
    It could mean that your beginning chain is to tight, which is why your sides are expanding. You can start with a looser beginning chain and that may solve the problem. You could also be making looser stitches or possibly getting extra stitches on the edges.

  • 16 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    You are welcome, I …
    You are welcome, I appreciate the comment.

  • 17 angelslight7 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Thanks for the post …
    Thanks for the post! I’m starting to understand better! But there is a problem….. everytime i get a row going, my sides start to lean. There are not straight like yours??

  • 18 UsagiGirl89 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    So this scarf is …
    So this scarf is the latest thing I have made and i feel very proud of it, its the biggest thing I’ve made yet. Thank you for your excellent tutorials.

  • 19 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    It is working now. …
    It is working now. I had a typo this morning and was working on the instructions.

  • 20 funbeardog // Feb 16, 2010 at

    The link for the …
    The link for the written instructions is not working….I went to your and it said that the V stitch page was not found….I don’t know if it is just me…. Thanks.

  • 21 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Sure, you can make …
    Sure, you can make the chain as long as you want.

  • 22 smokey76232 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    is it ok to start …
    is it ok to start with a chain stitch of 37? i wanted the scarf to be big

  • 23 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    The multiple is 2.
    The multiple is 2.

  • 24 tjw1963 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Yes, you can make …
    Yes, you can make an afghan with this stitch.

  • 25 prettynpinkprincess3 // Feb 16, 2010 at

    Hey Teresa! I was …
    Hey Teresa! I was just wondering, what is the multiple for this stitch? I would like to make an afghan with it.

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