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How to Make Beaded & Braided Yarn Ponytails Part 2

July 17th, 2009 · 15 Comments · How To Choose Yarn

How to make fun and easy braided ponytails for kids hair, out of yarn!

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  • 1 peepla7 // Jul 17, 2009 at

    you need to rename …
    you need to rename this. thats a ponytail holder…granted a fancy one, but its a ponytail holder just the same. I would have used one color to match a particular outfit but thats just me. that way, you can have more fun matching this outfit with that hair thingy and that pair of shoes with this hair thingy etc. but im quirky that way, i have a gele that matches every boot i own, the fun was in finding the fabrics. if i used a mulicolored one….i would only need 5 geles. haha

  • 2 castleoutsider // Jul 17, 2009 at

    meh im gonna be …
    meh im gonna be selfish and make some for me ^o^ lol

  • 3 mistert1111 // Jul 17, 2009 at

    well i think you …
    well i think you are doing a great job with you daughters hair! I am biracial would have never of thought of this. Its great however some people will be rude even when it is regarding a very innocent little girl who may not look like the majority of the population in your community….keep up the good work. And keep putting up videos so i can steal ur ideas,,:)

  • 4 SteadyFreddy777 // Jul 17, 2009 at


  • 5 CraftLulz // Jul 17, 2009 at

    why do you have a …
    why do you have a child?

  • 6 lordblazer // Jul 17, 2009 at

    Make sure that you …
    Make sure that you keep her scalp greased with hair oil. Dandruff builds up on the scalp if you don’t keep it moist!!! But yea having a black child you will have to deal with the realities that many black parents deal with except you won’t know exactly what it is until it hits you. It’ll start in elementary. Just be sure to guide her and keep her self esteem high!!! But yea her hairstyle is really normal for a little girl your daughter is very cute. All the best 😀

  • 7 AussieCoolGurl // Jul 17, 2009 at

    Wow – this pony …
    Wow – this pony tail looks sooooo cute. I have 4 girls – so I’m going to have to try this! Thanks for a fun and informative video! =o]


  • 8 Kookie28Krisp // Jul 17, 2009 at

    I understand your …
    I understand your point SGmom2!!!

    But I DO like the hairstyle and the technique!! VERY VERY interesting!!!
    I MUST subscribe for more hair styling updates as a matter of fact! 😀

    I probably would never opt for the rainbow colored braids….but that’s just a matter of preference! 😉
    Note: the different colored beads looked GREAT though….!!! Keep up the great work in caring for your child’s hair!!

  • 9 SGmom2 // Jul 17, 2009 at

    It’s not ALL …

    It’s not ALL colorful hairdos, it’s just styles that include EVRY color all at one time. In this style, the beads were diferent colrs and that was cute and fine. You then added the very colorful ponytail and a colorful twist to top it off. Here they would say her hair looked like a Xmas tree. Kids can and will be cruel. Evrything you did would be fine individually, but she is your daughter and you can do what you and she likes!

  • 10 snapaholics // Jul 17, 2009 at

    LOL I know all this …
    LOL I know all this stuff is addicting for them 🙂
    So are you saying ,fro what you said earlier, that any colorful in the hair is made fun of> does that include just colorful beads in the hair, on little kids??? gosh THAT is sad. yeah at least let them have fun in the house. You couldn’t even go to the park with a fun colorful do? G loves rainbows. this was her choice. I have seen kids staring at the store and whatnot, but i think they are envious, telling their moms they want one.

  • 11 SGmom2 // Jul 17, 2009 at

    My 3yr old just …
    My 3yr old just finished watching G swing her ponytail and wants one now. I need to check out pt.1 so I can make her one to wear around the house. I have 2 girls coming from Ethiopia and I am always looking for creative ideas so I can be prepared. Thanks for the video and congrats on your beautiful daughetr.

  • 12 snapaholics // Jul 17, 2009 at

    hey! no i didnt …
    hey! no i didnt think you meant that. gosh even in preschool the kids get called that? that is sad. out here on walmart shelves they have spill of fake hair falls with purples and pinks in it for the white girls to wear. i mean obviously G’s is a lot MORE than that but i wanted her to have a ponytail like her friends to swing around but i didn’t want to try to PRETEND that she had real long kinky hair. that is why i made it colorful. we are not TRYING to have real long hair, it’s obviously fake.

  • 13 SGmom2 // Jul 17, 2009 at

    You are so very …
    You are so very right! They do grow up very fast. I have a black niece who wears hair extensions and my Chinese daughter loves to wear one very loooooong braid extension around the house. The rest of her hair is cut in a short bob and this braid hangs down to her butt! She LOOOOVES it and I let her wear it around the house all she wants.

    I didn’t mean to imply that your daughter looked ghetto. She is beautiful!The kids in my area just refer to hairstyles that have a lot of colors as ghetto.

  • 14 snapaholics // Jul 17, 2009 at

    i ended up changing …
    i ended up changing the twist to a single color plain one. couldn’t find one i liked for awhile. the kids n teacher at her preschool loved it. i don’t think those in preschool here know to call another kid “ghetto.” looking back when she is grown she will say “God mom why did i wear that?” and i’ll say “becuase you LOVED it.” which she did. i’m doing an Arial red ponytail next 🙂

    when she gets older, to reg school i won’t be able to do this stuff anymore! they grow up so fast.

  • 15 SGmom2 // Jul 17, 2009 at

    I love trying fun …
    I love trying fun things for my daughter’s hair, but this honestly was a bit over the top. It actually looked gaudy with the beads already on her head and then you added a different color twist on top of that. I know if my daughter wore that to school, she would be called ghetto and teased relentlessly. It was creative though.

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